Pineau Cognac Bonnaud

Our Pineaux des Charentes

It all starts with the planting of young vines, which then go into production after the third year of planting.

After this third year, the production begins: harvesting of the grapes, selection of the harvest by choosing the sweetest grape must.

After placing these grape must in a vat, we add Cognac. A lot of stirring and mixing will be necessary for several days.

After this work, we rack the Pineau and place it in oak barrels. This is where the ageing process begins.

Our Pineaux des Charentes are marketed in different forms depending on the years of ageing they have undergone and the grape varieties used.

Our white Pineau is produced from ugni-blanc grapes.

Our Rosé Pineau is produced from Merlot grapes.

Our young Pineau is aged for about 5 years.

Our old Pineau is aged for between 15 and 20 years.

Awards & Distinctions

Guide Hachette Pineau Bonnaud 2019
Cognac Guy Bonnaud

“I am passionate about the product that I have left to age in my cellar, with an attention that brings me great happiness. I really enjoy bringing pleasure to my customers by telling them my story, and to be able to let them taste this beautiful and adorable product that we enjoy with passion. I hope to give them wonderful moments that they will never forget. With the hope of having your confidence, I am always at your disposal to tell you my story, which I hope will fascinate you in turn. Cognac is a product for which there are no words to define the pleasure it can give. I thank you in advance for reading. See you soon!”

Guy Bonnaud