Pineau Cognac Bonnaud

House Bonnaud

The story of Guy Bonnaud cognac starts with an authentic French rural family. A story marked by the great events and tragedies of its time.
Located at Les Cailletières in Gourville, Andre Bonnaud, Guy Bonnaud’s grandfather, ran a small mixed farm – livestock and parcels of vines for cognac.

When he was mobilized for the 1914-1918 war, André Bonnaud was a widow and father of three children. Throughout the war he entrusted his children to neighbours whom he paid by giving them a cow…

His son Aristide, the father of Guy in turn suffered during the second world war and was held a prisoner for 6 years. But the family closed ranks and the estate continued to operate.

At the end of the war, the young Guy Bonnaud helped his father until leaving to do his military service. He spent 18 months in Morocco, 5 month in Algeria and one month in the Middle East. On his return in 1958, he took over the management of the estate and developed the vineyard for cognac from the 2 hectares of his grandfather and the 6 hectares of his father to 30 hectares and even 50 hectares today with his son, his daughter-in-law and his two grandsons – the future is assured.

He sold his eau-de-vie to prestigious cognac houses such as Hennessy. In 1975, he began to store and age himself part of the cognac eau-de-vie he produced. And began selling the first Guy Bonnaud cognacs in 1997. Given their quality, success was immediate.

The Bonnaud family estate now covers more than 50 hectares of vines ideally located on south-facing slopes in the heart of the green countryside of Charente in the “fins bois” appellation.

The cognac ages for many long years in secure storehouses kept at an ideal temperature.

A bottling line allows the Bonnaud family to handle the entire production process from growing the vines to your glass.

Cognac Guy Bonnaud

“I am passionate about the product that I have left to age in my cellar, with an attention that brings me great happiness. I really enjoy bringing pleasure to my customers by telling them my story, and to be able to let them taste this beautiful and adorable product that we enjoy with passion. I hope to give them wonderful moments that they will never forget. With the hope of having your confidence, I am always at your disposal to tell you my story, which I hope will fascinate you in turn. Cognac is a product for which there are no words to define the pleasure it can give. I thank you in advance for reading. See you soon!”

Guy Bonnaud