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Extra vieux pineau bonnaud

Extra Old Pineau des Charentes White


Tasting notes:

The Ugni-Blanc and Saint-Emilion grape varieties are at the origin of our 17.5° Extra Old Pineau White, aged for about twenty years. In its old gold color, aromas of ripe pineapple, vine peaches and a nascent rancio are discovered. The palate is unctuous, the end of mouth is very pleasant, the fruity notes are highlighted in a very appreciated freshness.

We suggest that our Extra Old Pineau White delicately accompanies a slice of foie gras as well as your desserts.


Our Extra Old Pineau White is aged for 17-20 years and will satisfy you during your aperitifs.

Additional information

Weight 1.44 kg

Distinction bottle 75 cl

Vol alc



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