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It all starts with the planting of young vines, which then go into production after the third year of planting.

After the third year of planting, production begins: harvesting of the grapes, vinification in the cellar (preparation of the grape must which ferments).

After fermentation, distillation can begin: an eau-de-vie is extracted from the wine. Following this distillation, the ageing process begins, a product that will become Cognac over time.

The ageing process takes place in new oak barrels and is oxygenated or aerated regularly to improve the ageing process. This ageing will give the quality of the Cognac.

Our Cognacs are marketed in different forms depending on the years of ageing they have undergone.

Our Long Drink or VS Cognac is the youngest Cognac in our range, it has been aged for about 5 years. It will accompany your cocktails and your cooking.

Our VSOP Cognac is the result of several eau-de-vie of about fifteen years. It is aged long enough to offer a finesse and complexity that becomes more refined during tasting.

Our XO Cognac is the oldest in our range. It is made from several eau-de-vie of about thirty years old, which gives it exceptional qualities with aromas that cannot be forgotten. It will satisfy the most discerning connoisseurs of exceptional Cognacs.

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Cognac Guy Bonnaud

“I am passionate about the product that I have left to age in my cellar, with an attention that brings me great happiness. I really enjoy bringing pleasure to my customers by telling them my story, and to be able to let them taste this beautiful and adorable product that we enjoy with passion. I hope to give them wonderful moments that they will never forget. With the hope of having your confidence, I am always at your disposal to tell you my story, which I hope will fascinate you in turn. Cognac is a product for which there are no words to define the pleasure it can give. I thank you in advance for reading. See you soon!”

Guy Bonnaud